At the Old Badger Inn, we are always happy to chat about beers you might like to try and see on tap at the bar…don't keep a good beer to yourself…its for sharing!

We have a range of quality real ales, with most of them being sourced locally and never have keg beers.

Below you will find the real ales that are currently on at the Old Badger Inn so be sure to check regularly here to see if your favourite real ale is currently available or better still, pop into the pub itself and sample a new ale with us.

Don’t keep a good beer to yourself... It’s for sharing!

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Wickwar - Cotswold Way

The Original Chestnut Ale. 4.2% ABV. The fruity body and flavour is derived from a special range of 3 malts mashed with their own Cotswold water and flavoured with a triple blend of choice hops. Their unique yeast adds the finishing touch.

Wickwar - Sundowner

Time for a Sundowner with which to enjoy the warm days and balmy evenings. This ABV artisan ale is brewed using a unique combination of Flagon and Munich Brown malts, a subtle blend of international hops, Dr Rudi’s and Huell Melon, plus, of course, our own Cotswold water and our inimitable strain of yeast. Topped off with locally sourced strawberries, this refreshing and thirst quenching ale rewards with hints of pine, grass and fruit. Its light copper colour makes this a very inviting Sundowner. 3.8%

Otter - Bitter

Otter Bitter is a ‘session’ beer. A beer designed to slip down easily and refresh all parts of the body that need refreshing. High in taste and low in gravity makes Otter Bitter a long term friend. 3.6% ABV

Stroud - Budding

Very popular pale ale with a grassy bitterness, sweet malt and luscious floral aroma. This is a pale ale of 4.5% with Fuggles used as the main bittering hop – then late hopped for a luscious floral aroma. 4.5% ABV

Bath - Prophecy

This sessionable pale ale has been given a kick by some big fruity American Citra hops and an alluring spice by the Slovenian Aurora. We’ve added it all at the end of the for maximum aroma but a smooth, clean bitterness. 3.8% ABV.

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